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Principal's Corner

From Principal Brian Riviere

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I, on behalf of Vernon High School, extend a warm welcome to all of our students, parents, alumni and vital community members to the “Jacket Nation.”

The mission of Vernon High School is to INSPIRE all students to value learning, ENCOURAGE all students to develop ethical decision-making skills, EMPOWER all students to live productive and satisfying lives, and EDUCATE all students to the fullest level of their potential.

In order to achieve the highest goals for our students, there must be continuous support and dedication from everyone involved including, but not limited to, teachers, administrators, counselors, students, community stakeholders, and parents. The administration is always available to meet and discuss ideas, suggestions and/or concerns. Parents it is vital that you take a stance as being an active part in the education of your children. Parental attendance at all functions and extra curricular activities is always welcomed and encouraged.

Vernon High School needs the support of all stakeholders to make this the very best school year ever. We encourage you to take advantage of the academic and extra curricular opportunities.

In closing, it is truly my honor to serve in this great community and will work every day to ensure you are as proud of Vernon High School as I am- Go Jackets!!!

Respectfully Yours,

Brian Riviere, Principal